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Who should buy a wedding dresses pregnant – the bride or groom?

Who usually buys a wedding dress for the bride – about the real state of affairs.
Who should buy a wedding dresses pregnant – the bride or groom?

Who buys a wedding dresses pregnant – a modern look

Wedding dress, wedding dresses pregnant, may be purchased:
the groom
groom family
a family of the bride
parents of the newlyweds
the bridegroom with the bride.

Emancipation of women and wedding dresses pregnant

In the West, the emancipation of women has led many brides to pay for a dress, wedding dresses pregnant, themselves. Some girls, in addition, incur part of the cost of organizing the celebration – the services of a photographer, rent a limousine and a banquet hall.

Who should buy a wedding dresses pregnant – traditions and signs

In Latin America, the bride family traditionally purchases a wedding dress, wedding dresses pregnant. She also assumes the cost of buying shoes, veils, handbags, and other accessories.
If the groom family follows Eastern traditions, the groom or his family buy the outfit for the bride.
As for the signs, one of them says that the wedding dress, wedding dresses pregnant, should be bought by the bridegroom to the bride. But it is very undesirable that he saw him until the very celebration.