The tradition of cutting wedding cake stands

Serving the wedding cake, cutting it together began to be practiced in ancient Rome: this action meant the union of two families. Later in other countries it was interpreted as a symbol of the economic nature of the bride, which treated all the relatives of the bridegroom. Now it is not less significant ceremony: very cute, solemn, when all the guests, holding their breath, watch how the young ones will cut the cake for the wedding.

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Wedding cake usually appears at the end of the celebration, becoming its kind of climax.

Wedding cake usually appears at the end of the celebration, becoming its kind of climax. For its submission, a table on wheels is used, on which the cake itself is located, and on the shelves – plates, napkins and a cutting knife. The waiters always roll out the table, but they can take it out by placing the young on the table or in another special place.

Effective wedding cake stands delivery

Culinary Bengal lights are often used for spectacular delivery. But do not confuse them with New Years, they have a significant difference, which consists in the safety of guests and the treat itself. When using them, you must dim the lights, you can light candles. The music may be solemn or, on the contrary, romantic. Do not forget to check the readiness of the photographer, the video operator, so that they are not distracted at the crucial moment.

How to cut a wedding cake stands

Before you cut the treat, you need to take a picture with him: you can call all the guests and take a group photo, which can become the most beloved in the wedding album, because all the friends and relatives will be really liberated enough to take easy postures.

If young people want to take the upper tier home, then it remains untouched;
Before cutting all the plastic figures, the lights are removed;
The tradition of cutting a wedding cake assumes that the couple takes the silver knife together, while the groom puts his hand on top and the bride controls the process.
Newly married spouses cut off two pieces, which they put on plates: they treat each other with them, as in the case with loaf;
The following four pieces are cut off specifically for parents and are considered young by themselves;
In order for the biscuit not to stick to the knife, it is periodically moistened in warm water, the container with which should be nearby;
There is no clear law on how to cut the cake at a wedding correctly: from top to bottom or vice versa, young people do as they prefer;
The size of the pieces should be such that each guest gets at least one.