How to choose a cake for the wedding?

Every married couple wants the cake at their wedding celebration to be enchanting, beautiful in appearance and excellent in taste. And on the number of options offered by confectioners head is spinning. But how to choose a wedding cake that matches all desires so that it does not deal a crushing blow to the budget?

Choosing Wedding Cakes – Wedding Cakes and Desserts – Martha Stewart Weddings

Stage I: the choice of pastry

In each city, there are a lot of large restaurants and small pastry shops offering cake making services. But when choosing it is not enough to rely on the recommendations of friends, although the opinion of the wedding organizer can be considered authoritative. It is important to be sure that you get exactly what you want. To do this, select a few pastry shops.

Be sure to ask the confectionery manager the following questions:

  • What types of dough and toppings are used by confectioners?
  • What types of decor offer masters?
  • Will they be able to make adjustments to the available layouts for your requirements?
  • How much is a kilogram of wedding dessert, what is the minimum and recommended weight (the latter is calculated based on the number of guests)?
  • Is it possible to customize the cake according to your sketch or not?
  • How much time do I need to make an order and make a prepayment?

Is there an option to deliver the cake to the celebration venue, and if so, what is its cost? The possibility of delivery is an additional plus in favor of choosing this particular candy store.

Stage II: the choice of dough and toppings

What should be a wedding cake?

First of all, not too high in calories. The sand dough is one of the most high-calorie, so it should be avoided. In addition, the dessert from it when cutting crumbles heavily, losing an attractive appearance. For the same reason, cakes based on puff pastry and meringue are not recommended. Although the latter may well be present in the form of a thin layer.

Biscuit dough is considered the most successful for any season. It is light, tasty, not demanding on temperature. In addition, when ordering a large multi-tiered cake, you can choose different tastes of dough and fillings for each of the tiers.

When choosing a filling you should not choose exotic fillings. Guests of different ages and preferences gather at the wedding, but most like light berry, fruit, yogurt fillings, including favorites and chocolate. People have allergies to nuts, and they are high in calories.

So, the best for any season will be a biscuit wedding cake with yogurt, chocolate, berry or fruit filling. They are most likely to enjoy every one.

Stage III: the choice of design

This moment is the most important for many. And here you can show your imagination to the full. Someone chooses a cake in accordance with fashion trends, someone prefers classic solutions, and someone like the design overlap of sweets with the decor of the hall, wedding style or even a bride’s attire.

Which is better, you decide, but there are some important details to keep in mind:

Monochrome cakes (among wedding ones it is usually white) look flat on the photo and expressionless. If you want to stick to the classic design, then pick up the jewelry in silver or pastel colors.

So, the sequence of actions to choose the perfect wedding cake

  • Choose a pastry shop where they can bring all your ideas to life in the best possible way.
  • Decide on the dough and filling.
  • To choose a beautiful, fashionable and appropriate design of the wedding cake design.
  • Calculate the exact weight of the cake.
  • Choose a shipping method.
  • If necessary, in advance to rent/buy a stand and a trolley for serving the cake.

Choose the best masters, tastes and design, make an order in advance and take care of the delivery, as well as that the delicacy is enough for everyone. Then the cake will be the true culmination of your wedding!