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Who should buy a wedding dress – the bride or groom?

Who usually buys a wedding dress for the bride – about the real state of affairs.
Who should buy a alita graham wedding dresses – the bride or groom?

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Emancipation of women and alita graham wedding dresses

In the West, the emancipation of women has led many brides to pay for a dress themselves. Some girls in addition incur part of the cost of organizing the celebration – the services of a photographer, rent a limousine and a banquet hall.

The grooms family can buy the dress up if the parents do not have financial resources.
Taking money to buy from future parents, the girl needs to consider that they make her a gift and free her family from expenses. This means that she needs to be prepared for the fact that her voice when choosing a dress may be far from decisive.

In European countries, the practice of buying the dress of the culprits of the celebration of her parents. In this case, when choosing the right model for a girl, the family can also exert pressure, who has long drawn to herself her ideal image.

Do not know who should buy the bride a wedding dress? In this article, we gave a detailed answer to this question.
We have previously studied the traditions, signs and modern views associated with the acquisition of the wedding dress. You will learn what people think about this in different countries of the world, how best to act and why.

Who should buy a wedding dress – traditions and signs

In eastern countries, it is customary for a bride to buy a bride attire or his family. It is not supposed to save, because the wealth of decoration symbolizes the prosperity of the family of the future husband and his ability to provide his wife.

In Latin America, the brides family traditionally purchases a wedding dress. She also assumes the cost of buying shoes, veils, handbags and other accessories.

As for the signs, one of them says that the wedding dress should be bought by the bridegroom to the bride. But it is very undesirable that he saw him until the very celebration.
Signs about the wedding dress, alita graham wedding dresses, does not end with the disapproval of the presence of a young man during the fitting. There are many more of them, and in order not to incur trouble, it is important to know what they are talking about. You can read this information in another article.

Who buys a wedding dress – a modern look

Wedding dress may be purchased:
the groom
grooms family
family of the named
parents of the newlyweds
the bridegroom with the bride.

If the grooms family follows Eastern traditions, the groom or his family buys the outfit for the bride.